2023Exhibition «A ciegas» / Blindfolded, at La Fábrica de Papel,Madrid
2022Project – «Imaginando recuerdos» / Memories envisioned – under development
2021«A ciegas» photobook, in collaboration with underbau, La Troupe, and Palermo
2017Commission to undertake anthology of the Secuencia Gallery in Lima
2012Still photographer for El Mudo feature film, Lima
1997Recovery project of Lotti archives, a photographer from Toledo, Spain, in the early 20th century
1997Commission to curate Lotti in Toledo exhibition at the San Ildefonso Cultural Centre, Toledo, Spain
1995Commission by the XVL edition of WORLD PRESS PHOTO, Travelling around Toledo.
1991 —
Commissioned by the Cultural Department of Toledo City Council to curate/contribute to,  various exhibitions
1991 — 1995Commissioned to collaborate in various photographic exhibitions by the Fine Arts Circle of Madrid
1994Commission together with Luis de Toledo, to curate Martin Chambi exhibition in Stockholm, Madrid and Granada
1994Commissioned by the XV edition of WORLD PRESS PHOTO, Travelling around Toledo
1993Recovery of Martin Chambi (Peruvian photographer) archived photography, in collaboration with Spanish photographers: Juan Manuel Castro Prieto, Luis de Toledo, Alejandro Castellote, Juan Manuel Diaz Burgos
1980 — 1990Correspondent for magazines MARCA, CARETAS, UNITED PRESS INTERNATIONAL in Lima, Peru